Watch: Pitbull does something never before seen when newborn joins the family

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It can be difficult for dogs to adapt when a new little human joins the family. But this wasn’t the case at all for Wringley the Pitbull cross.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few months ago, Corinne had a little baby boy whom she named Fred.

Corinne was a little apprehensive about how her two Pitbull crosses would react to the little baby and how he would disrupt their routine.

The most original trick ever

But much to Corinne’s joy, she quickly learned that the dogs were more than happy to welcome a new family member in. Wringley, in particular, wanted to be involved in everything baby-related.

So, Corinne and her husband had a brilliant idea. They decided to start training Wringley to go fetch diapers when asked. In this way, she could actively participate in caring for her new human sibling.

A very good girl

Wringley picked up the new trick very quickly, and was always more than happy to help out when it was diaper-changing time. In fact, she’s already on to the next step: fetching wet wipes.


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Videos of Wringley helping out have been posted on TikTok and have understandably gone viral! In fact, one of the videos reached over 52,000 views! 

Ti piacerebbe un aiutante come Wrigley?
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