Dog sees brother being tended to after injury: Her reaction has owner in stitches

goldendoodle and golden retriever dog-happy © Carrie Bartsh - Facebook

Sibling relationships can be very love/hate. And no-one knows this better than Mabel and Milo’s dog mum, Carrie. Thankfully, she knows exactly what to do to keep the peace.

By Justine Seraphin

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Carrie Bartsh owns two dogs: A Golden Retriever named Mabel and a younger Goldendoodle named Milo.

Ever since Milo joined the household, Mabel has loved/hated him. She loves to play and cuddle with him, and loves that he keeps her young. But she HATES it when he dares to receive more attention from the owners than she does.

Dogs want the same attention

Carrie often tries to make things even: If one of them gets a treat, so does the other. If one of them gets a cuddle, so does the other. But what happens when one of them gets something the other doesn’t need?

A few weeks ago, Milo injured his paw during a walk. Back home, Carrie cleaned and bandaged it up. But of course, when she was all done with Milo, Mabel was right there, staring her down. She wanted the extra attention too.

Keeping the peace

So Carrie (while laughing in disbelief) proceeded to bandage up Mabel’s paw, even though it didn’t bandaging. And Mabel seemed relieved. For the next few days, as she changed Milo’s bandage, so did she Mabel’s. And Mabel was happy.

It can be hard to keep the peace between siblings, but Carrie definitely knows what she’s doing!

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