Watch: Man paraglides over the Alps with his Samoyed dog

Samoyed dog paraglading dog-wow © ouka.sam - Instagram

The aerial adventures of Shams and his dog Ouka are followed by almost 100,000 people on Instagram.

By Emilie Heyl

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Shams and his dog Ouka are not afraid of heights. For more than 15 years, this paragliding enthusiast has been climbing the Alps and then putting on his skis to come back down.

Since last summer, the 39-year-old videographer has been accompanied by his dog Ouka, a three-and-a-half-year-old Samoyed. The duo is followed by 95,5K internet users on Instagram.

Find out all about the Samoyed

"Ouka has changed my life" 

Shams has a really strong affection for his companion he met only a few months ago, when Ouka, abandoned, was almost three years old. "He needed me as much as I needed him," says Shams, who was suffering from depression at the time.

"Ouka never showed any signs of anxiety”

Equipped with a special harness, the 60 pound dog gradually got used to his new aerial environment. Although the first flight lasted no more than ten seconds, the two best friends have made more than ten jumps to date.

"He never showed any signs of anxiety," says Shams, who regularly shares photos of Ouka on Instagram. In these photos, the Samoyed appears to be smiling, a characteristic of this breed of dog, which is native to European Russia and Western Siberia.

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Oh wow! That is so cool. My Jack Russell isn't as active as this dog
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