Woman finds animal in need outside her home, but has no idea what it is

coyote with mange dog-wow © Christina Eyth - Facebook

When you’re an animal lover, you help ALL animals in need, regardless of their species. Even when you have no idea what species they are at all!

By Justine Seraphin

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Earlier this year, Christina Eyth noticed paw prints outside of her home. Curious, she followed them, but was not prepared for what they lead her to.

Mystery animal asks for help 

Beside her basement door, she found a small, shivering animal. He was clearly emaciated and suffered from mange. In fact, his entire body was devoid of fur! He was in such a bad state that Christina had no idea what type of animal she was dealing with. Was it a lost pet? A stray? A wild animal? Regardless, she knew she had to help.

Christina coaxed the animal inside her basement where she gave him some food and water. She turned to social media for advice, and was soon contacted by a wildlife rescue. 

A few hours later, the rescue arrived on the scene to take the animal back to their facility. They didn’t really know what the animal was either, but they knew he could be well cared for with their team of experts. They gave the animal all the treatment and care he needed to get back on his feet - and of course, performed a DNA test.

A surprising turn of events

Sadly, before the results came back, the animal escaped the wildlife rescue. Staff members were worried about how the animal would fend for itself. But then they got the results back, and they weren’t so worried anymore.

The animal was 100% coyote! He wasn’t a pet at all. He had returned to the wild, where he belonged, after a restful stay with a few caring animal lovers.

We hope he’s doing well, wherever he is now!

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