10 photos that prove cats can fall asleep literally anywhere

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Cats love to sleep. In fact, they usually sleep 12-16 hours a day! What’s more, they seem to be able to fall asleep absolutely anywhere! Check out these cats, for example.

By Justine Seraphin

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If you own a cat, then you know cats spend most of their time sleeping. 

And a lot of the time, they don’t choose to rest in the expensive bed you bought them! Instead, they’d prefer to sleep in a cardboard box, or on YOUR favourite chair.

Why do cats lay down anywhere?

You may have noticed that your cat never sleeps in the same spot. One day they might be sleeping on the dryer, the next at the foot of your bed. This is actually an instinct they’ve kept from their wild cat days! If they sleep in the same spot too often, that spot will acquire their scent, which could lure predators to their lair. Even though our domesticated kitties don’t have any predators to be worried about, they’d rather be safe than sorry! They’ll change their sleeping spots often to make sure no-one ever gets to them!

Where do cats sleep at night?

A study in 2018 showed that 34% of cats sleep on their owners’ bed, 22% on furniture, and 20% in their own designated cat bed. 

Although our beds seem to be their favourite places to sleep, cats have proved time and time again that they are able to fall asleep absolutely anywhere! Don’t believe us? Check out the gallery above!

  • ginger cat sleeping on the floor
    Copyright © drSandyWijaya - Shutterstock

    1. This cat loves the floor

    Sure, it’s not the squishiest of surfaces, but if it’s heated, then you’ve won the lottery!

  • ginger cat resting on keyboard next to coffee mug
    Copyright © Tuzemka - Shutterstock

    2. This ginger cat can’t get enough of the office

    Again, not the comfiest of spots, but you get the human’s company AND warmth from the computer.

  • siamese cat sleeping on metal poles
    Copyright © Filip Miletic - Shutterstock

    3. This Siamese loves a good challenge

    Sleeping on such a thin surface takes a lot of balance and…self-confidence! It’s not where we’d choose to sleep, but more power to you little guy! 

  • black and white kitten sleeping in wicker basket
    Copyright © Atmosphere1 - Shutterstock

    4. This black and white moggie likes a bed with shade

    A wicker basket is apparently the perfect spot to pass out in the sunshine.

  • long-haired grey cat sleeping on blue lawn chair
    Copyright © KanphotoSS - Shutterstock

    5. This grey kitty has taken over the sunchairs and there’s nothing you can do about it

    We’ll just sit on the floor then…

  • grey and white cat sleeping on bathroom shelf
    Copyright © FeLopes - Shutterstock

    6. This cat loves a good bathroom shelf

    Well, if you don’t mind the metal digging into your skin, it is a great spa-like spot!

  • two moggies sleeping on a rug together
    Copyright © Denis Bukhlaev - Shutterstock

    7. These cats know all you need is love

    You can sleep anywhere as long as its with the person (or cat) you love the most!

  • cat resting on rocks
    Copyright © Vaclav Sonnek - Shutterstock

    8. This cat likes a rocky surface

    We guess it’s like massage therapy? But still, ouch…

  • white cat sleeping in green laundry basket
    Copyright © Kamonwan.kho - Shutterstock

    9. This cat is happy with a laundry basket

    It is the perfect size!

  • cat sleeping on shelf with head against metal pole
    Copyright © GRIGORY BYKOVSKIY - Shutterstock

    10. This cat needs a head rest

    A shelf is a good spot for a nap! A big metal pole pushing into your face? Not the greatest, but this cat doesn’t seem to mind!

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