Man sees neighbour’s dog at the shelter and makes an unbelievable decision

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It’s hard to visit a shelter and to resist taking every dog home. But this man went to the shelter for a very specific dog, and he wasn’t leaving without him. 

By Justine Seraphin

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A few months ago, Derek Schmit had only one dog: Dexter the Pitbull. 

Neighbourhood dog visits daily

Every day, Derek and Dexter would get a visit from a local dog named Doakes. Derek wasn’t sure whether the dog was a stray or a neighbour’s dog, but either way, he loved Doakes’ visits. He got along superbly well with Dexter and was a friendly pooch.

But one day, Doakes stopped visiting. Derek soon found out that he had been taken to a local shelter. Turns out, he did have a family, but the family didn’t want him anymore. He had apparently chewed through some of their furniture and their door. Instead of working on his behaviour, they thought it would be easier to make it someone else’s problem and leave him in a shelter.

A needle in a haystack

As soon as Derek found this out, he frantically started to search for Doakes. He called and visited many shelters in vain, and started to wonder whether something had happened to his four-legged friend…

But thankfully, while he visited the third shelter, Derek walked by a kennel with a familiar face inside: He had finally found Doakes! He quickly filled in the paperwork and took Doakes home.

It was clear to Derek that Doakes had been abused in his previous home – he was scared of everything at first! But now he’s completely settled in and is finally getting the love that he deserves. And as a bonus, he gets to play all day, every day with his best buddy Dexter!


some people make me sick. Doakes old "family" is definitely one of them. #dexterdoakes #savedogs #dogsarelife

♬ Lights Are On - Tom Rosenthal

What an incredible story! Thank you Derek for saving this fur baby!  

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