Dog gone missing for four months, is found alive stuck in five-foot snowdrift

Woman rescued a dog in the snow dog-wow © Tahoe PAWS & TLC 4 Furry Friends - Facebook

A dog named Russ disappeared during a fire and will be found 4 months later, under the snow!

By Emilie Heyl

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A dog owner never thought he would see his missing dog again. After 4 months of separation, Russ was finally able to find his home.

Russ went missing as he ran away during the Caldor Fire

Russ’s owner was in Tahoe for a job when Russ had gotten scared and ran away from his owner’s vehicle during the Caldor Fire last August. Russ’s owner searched for his dog for several days without any success. He then decided to report him missing to Animal Services who searched for Russ, but they were then all evacuated due to the fire. It was assumed that Russ was lost for good…

Never lose hope!

But just as the situation seemed lost, on December 16, a man who was skiing in the area noticed a dog in the snow. The skier managed to take pictures and shared them on social media.

El Dorado County Animal Services officials got wind of the news and immediately went to the scene. Unfortunately, they were unable to access the area where the dog was last seen.

Volunteers at TLC 4 Furry Friends & Tahoe PAWS, came to help rescue the Pit bull mix terrier. With a rescue sled and a rescue kit, they set off into the mountains and managed to locate him. 

Luckily, the dog, who was found in five-foot snow depth, was still alive: "He suddenly opened his eyes. I started screaming," one volunteer told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The dog was then wrapped in a blanket to be warmed up and taken to the vet. Thanks to his microchip, Russ was able to find his home.


The Story of Russ Happy endings are always welcome, especially around the holidays. TLC 4 Furry Friends & Tahoe PAWS...

Posted by Tahoe PAWS & TLC 4 Furry Friends on Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Microchipping is important!

Until Ross could make the journey back home, volunteers of TLC 4 Furry Friends & Tahoe PAWs visited the dog everyday to remind him that he was loved. Russ and his human are now reunited! 

This is a great reminder that microchipping your pet and maintaining the registration in your name is extremely important.

Also, it’s essential that you report your pet if it goes missing. Here's how to do so.

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