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Bournemouth council member says we should own less dogs to save the planet

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There are many things we can do to reduce our carbon footprints. But not having dogs or cats anymore? That’s something we could never consider!

By Justine Seraphin

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Mark Howell, an independent member for Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council, aired some quite controversial views in an online video earlier this week. 

Councilor says dogs damage the environment

As the Council discussed climate change, Cllr Howell suggested that dog owners do their part and ‘scale down’. According to him, large and medium-sized dogs in particular are a threat to our planet since they consume so much meat and caring for them involves a lot of overseas purchases on the owners’ part. 

The Cllr said:

“I am not saying we should ban or exterminate dogs but what I am saying is that people need to think carefully when their animals pass away, whether they need to replace them or scale down the size of their pets. Perhaps whether they need to share pets, whether they need the support of their own pet or can get enjoyment and contentment from other people’s animals.”

Do we really have to stop owning dogs?

Of course, the Cllr’s suggestions have been widely criticized, namely by the Kennel Club, who reminds us that dogs play a huge role in our mental and physical health. They also added that dogs need stability and the idea of sharing them with other owners is quite dangerous. According to the Kennel Club, it could lead to serious behavioural problems.

There are so many things we (and our governments) can do to reduce our carbon footprints. But we can also be eco-friendly while owning a pet. 

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