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Little Chihuahua can’t stop walking the dog she got for Christmas

white chihuahua pulling on dog toy on wheels dog-happy © jess_hernandez02 - TikTok

You know that feeling when you get the perfect Christmas gift and just can’t stop using it? Well, that’s exactly what Luna felt this Christmas.

By Justine Seraphin

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As pets are becoming more and more a part of the family, it’s becoming increasingly common to get gifts for them at Christmas.

Chihuahua gets hilarious Christmas gift

Luna the Chihuahua’s family chose the perfect gift for her this Christmas. 

Indeed, they got her a little dog on wheels which can be pulled by a string. And while this gift was, of course, made for children who want to pretend they’re walking their dog, Luna could not be happier with her gift! Before her family could even remove its bow, she was already playing with it!

Best pastime ever

Nowadays, she spends most of her time ‘walking her dog’. It’s quite a sight to see, as she’s almost the same size as the toy itself! It’s not just an entertaining game for her – she’s making her whole family laugh, and their TikTok followers too! 

This is simply proof that we should make the effort to get our dogs gifts every year – just look at how happy it can make them! Enjoy, Luna! 

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