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Cat sits on the table and starts meowing: Video leaves everyone in tears

grey tabby cat sitting on table and meowing cat-happy

Some animals are so special that you can’t help but feel very touched when you’re in their presence. That’s the case with Dmitri the blind cat.

By Justine Seraphin

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Dmitri the tabby cat was born as a stray in Greece. 

Unfortunately, due to the dire living conditions he grew up in, he developed a serious eye infection. When he was rescued, both of his eyes had to be removed. 

Woman adopts blind cat

Thankfully, Emma Pelkiewicz didn’t see this as a problem. She thought Dmitri was beautiful, and decided to adopt him. 

Dmitri has been living with his mum in London for four years now. Though he is, of course, completely blind, he has memorised every corner of his owner’s home. He jumps on and off of furniture and dashes from room to room with ease.

How a blind cat finds his owner

But of course, it’s harder for him to know where his mum is all the time. So, when he’s looking for her, he calls out to her with a sweet meow. When Emma hears this sound, she knows she needs to make herself known to Dmitri.

Emma shared this ritual they have on Dmitri’s TikTok, and fans all over the world were moved by their sweet relationship.

It seems as though Dmitri landed in the perfect home!

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