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Germany has a very controversial method of keeping dog numbers in check

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Today, it seems like we pay taxes for a lot of things: Our homes, our health, and our retirements, to name a few. But, we don’t pay taxes on EVERYTHING.

By Justine Seraphin

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In Germany, dog owners pay taxes on their dogs! 

That’s right, if you own a dog in Germany you have to pay a “dog tax” once a year.

How much is the dog tax in Germany?

The cost of the dog tax varies hugely. Depending on where you live, you could be paying as little as £60 a year, or as much as £830 a year!

Usually, the dog tax is higher in cities because municipalities want to limit the amount of dogs in urban areas. This also means that if an owner is opting for several dogs, the tax will be higher for their second dog, then higher still for the third, and so on and so forth. Breeds considered to be dangerous are also more expensive, tax-wise. 

Dog tax: A suitable way to limit the amount of dogs?

In certain parts of Germany where the tax has become incredibly high, people are starting to complain. After all, if they take proper care of their pets, what’s the harm in owning them free of charge (or at least, for cheaper)? 

In fact, to avoid paying taxes, some owners are not declaring their pets, or declaring them as something else completely! One man in Rostock passed his Spanish Water Dog for a sheep for years!

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We can’t imagine a world where we’d have to pay to own our pets! It seems like we’re very lucky after all!

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