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Want to know the real reason why your cat snuggles up to you at night? You’ll be surprised

Woman sleeping snuggling with cat in bed cat-happy © Pixel-Shot - Shutterstock

Does your cat love to snuggle up to you but only at night? Interesting right! Let’s find out why our feline friends do this.

By Emilie Heyl

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Cats tend to be independent animals and each has its own way of behaving. In general, cats keep their distance throughout the day, but when it's time to sleep they go straight to their owner and cuddle. Although they take naps on sofas or furniture, when night falls, they decide to rest on their owner's head. The question arises: why do cats snuggle up to you?

Cats snuggle up because they are looking for warmth

If your cat snuggles up to you at night, you may find it confusing, but it has more significance than you think. The main reason is human heat. Cats need to keep their body temperature high and humans emit a lot of heat when they sleep, so cats will take advantage of humans presence to warm up more quickly, even if a blanket is provided.

When your cat tends to curl up, it is primarily to protect itself and feel safe. Cats are very alert creatures, they are cautious to any threat from outside, and so they do not go into a deep state of sleep, but instead take short naps. So when night comes, they see you relaxing, they feel reassured and finally sleep deeply, something they cannot really do during the day.

Also remember that cats are territorial creatures. If your cat has been used to sleeping in your bed since he was a kitten, he will think that this space is his and he is simply giving you permission to sleep there.

Another reason (our favourite one) is if your cat sleeps with you it’s because your feline has a protective instinct, so by being near you at night it wants you to feel relaxed, it's a way of telling you that you can trust him and that nothing bad will happen to you as long as he’s near you.

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