Husky mix who wished for a home in 2014 leaves carers desperate 6 years on

husky shepherd mix dog-sad

While some dogs spend not even a week in a rescue centre, others spend years there. That was the case for poor Fuko the Husky-German Shepherd mix.

By Justine Seraphin

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Back in 2014, a Siberian HuskyGerman Shepherd mix came into a Berlin animal shelter.

At the time, the dog was photographed with a sign around his neck which read “My greatest Christmas wish would be to find a forever home.”

Dog waits years in shelter

Sadly, no-one ever took interest in Fuko. In fact, Fuko waited 6 years behind the kennel bars…with no luck.

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So in 2020, the shelter staff decided to repost the photo, reminding their followers that Fuko, despite his golden personality and good looks, was still looking for a home.

Requirements for adopting a dog

The post was met with mixed emotions. Many users felt sorry for the dog, saying he looked heart-broken and wishing they could help. 

Others, however, were angered by the post, saying the shelter’s requirements for adopting an animal were impossible to meet! Some commented that they had requested to adopt many times, sent over all the required documents, and had never heard back from the shelter. 

Shelters’ tough requirements is something that is becoming more and more criticized all over the world. Although shelters are obviously trying to do what’s best for their animals, it seems as though they are also preventing some of their long-stay residents from finding homes.

In the meantime, though, Fuko has finally found a home.

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