Cat rescued from a rooftop is now the most spoiled member of the rescue team

rescue team climbing up ladder to save cat on rooftop cat-happy © Dirección de Protección Animal Tampico - Facebook

There are some rescue stories that seem like they’re just meant to be. This is the case for little Raul, who was rescued a couple of years ago.

By Justine Seraphin

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In January 2020, a team of firefighters in Mexico were called to a building because a cat seemed to be stuck on the rooftop.

Stray cat rescued from roof

A member of the team carefully climbed up a ladder, placed the cat in a cage, and came back down with him safely in tow.

The cat was fed and given water. The team soon fell in love with him, but with no identification, they knew his fate was to return to the streets. That is, unless they decided to adopt him.

Spoiled team member

So, you guessed it, the little white and ginger cat was named ‘Raul’ and was officially adopted by the rescue team. 

Today, he spends most of his days overseeing their work as he naps in the shade. But he’s an essential member of the team nonetheless, and no-one could imagine their lives without him.


Un rescate puede significar salvar una vida o darle una segunda oportunidad. Agradecemos a nuestros compañeros del H....

Posted by Dirección de Protección Animal Tampico on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

 Proof that every life is worth saving! Happy trails, Raul! 

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