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Texas owners will soon be banned from keeping their dogs chained up outside

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It's hard to understand why some people would want to keep their pets outside. Yet, this happens too often, which is why a new law will soon be imposed in Texas.

By Justine Seraphin

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From the 18th of January 2022, dog owners in Texas will no longer be able to chain their dogs up outside. People who do not respect this new rule could face a $500 (£370) fine.

New Texas law bans chaining dogs outside

However, there are limitations to this rule. For example, owners cannot tie their dogs up with a chain or a very short lead. However, a lighter attachment is fine, as long as it’s a minimum of 3 metres long, or 5 times the dog’s length. 

In addition, owners who would prefer to keep their dogs outside MUST provide them with a shelter and constant access to water.

Better welfare for dogs in Texas

The new law has also eliminated a previous law which prevented officers from being able to rescue animals in need for 24 hours. Now, if they see an animal being detained in illegal conditions, they will be able to come to their aid right away.

The people of Texas have spoken: They want better welfare for their pets! 

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