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Discover which cat breed you should adopt according to your zodiac sign

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If you're thinking of adopting a cat in the near future, find out which breed you're most likely to get along with based on your zodiac sign!

By Emilie Heyl

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If the dog is undoubtedly a man's best friend, the cat is probably just as much so. A study conducted by researchers in Oregon proved that cats get attached to their owners like a child to its parents... A strong relationship that explains why these balls of fur have conquered our hearts!

But before we delve into this topic, there are a few things you should know before adopting a cat or a kitten. Although a cat is easier to care for than a dog, the feline should not be left to its own devices and deserves all the attention it can get.

Questions to ask yourself before adopting

How will adopting a cat affect your daily life? There are several questions you should ask yourself before you decide whether you are ready to adopt a cat or a kitten:

  1. Have you ever had a cat in your life?
  2. Is the whole family willing to adopt a cat?
  3. Are there any cat allergies in your family?
  4. What will a cat bring to your life?
  5. Do you plan to educate your cat?
  6. Will your cat be able to go outside?
  7. What will you do with your cat when you go on holiday?
  8. Do you know how much money you need to spend on a cat?
  9. Are you aware of the cat and its lifestyle?
  10. Are you prepared to make changes to your environment to ensure that your home meets your cat's needs?
  11. Are you prepared to spend time with your cat to play on a daily basis?

The average cat lives 12-15 years (the lifespan of a cat changes significantly if it lives indoors or outdoors), and if you decide to adopt one, you will have to look after it for the rest of its life.

Where can I adopt a cat?

There are many places where you can get a cat, the ideal is to go visit rescue centres which are filled with little creatures who only dream of finding their home forever. You can also look on the internet but beware of scams. You can also ask for advice from a veterinarian, who will be able to give you his or her "best addresses".

If you wish to adopt a cat of a particular breed and with a prestigious pedigree, you should turn to an animal breeder.

So you’ve made your mind up and are ready to adopt a cat or a kitten? Then Wamiz invites you to discover which cat breed is right for you according to your zodiac sign!

Are you looking to adopt a cat or a kitten? Check out these beautiful felines looking for their forever home.
  • Abyssinian cat
    Copyright © Ingus Kruklitis - Shutterstock


    Curious, lively, intelligent... The character of the Abyssinian is just like the one of an Aries, an impulsive fire sign that tends to be a little hyperactive!

  • Chartreux cat
    Copyright © Katniss studio - Shutterstock


    Docile and homely, the Chartreux is as gentle and calm as the very down-to-earth Taurus! The two will get along just fine.

  • Scottish Fold cat
    Copyright © Andrey Tairov - Shutterstock


    Just like the Gemini, the Scottish Fold is a very sociable cat! The Gemini and this feline will therefore be a good match!

  • Turkish Angora cat
    Copyright © Lea Rae - Shutterstock


    Affectionate, the Turkish Angora will be more fulfilled than ever with the company of a Mrs or Mr Cancer! A water sign capable of giving a lot of love!

  • Maine Coon cat
    Copyright © Nils Jacobi - Shutterstock


    The Maine Coon is an imposing breed and certainly does not go unnoticed... This is reminiscent of an exuberant zodiac sign: the Lion!

  • Ragdoll cat
    Copyright © cath5 - Shutterstock


    Despite its long hair, the Ragdoll requires very little maintenance... Ideal for this fastidious zodiac sign!

  • Oriental cat
    Copyright © Andrej Formela - Shutterstock


    Intelligent and deeply attached to their owner, Libras and Oriental cats are made for each other! Both will give each other unconditional love.

  • Persian cat
    Copyright © ANURAK PONGPATIMET - Shutterstock


    Reserved in spite of its superb appearance, the Persian cat will do well with a mysterious Scorpio owner!

  • Bengal cat
    Copyright © Alexander_Evgenyevich - Shutterstock


    Adventurous, curious and a fan of nature and the great outdoors, the Bengal resembles in every way the Robinson Crusoe of the zodiac: the Sagittarius!

  • Russian Blue cat
    Copyright © Irina Borodovskaya - Shutterstock


    Shy, homey and calm, the Russian Blue will fit in perfectly with Capricorn's fast-paced life!

  • Savannah cat
    Copyright © Kolomenskaya Kseniya - Shutterstock


    Very independent like the Aquarius, the Savannah needs fresh air and movement on a daily basis!

  • Burmese cat
    Copyright © jojosmb - Shutterstock


    Calm, gentle, dreamy... The Burmese is the image of its future owner: the Pisces.

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