Couple’s window open suddenly in their kitchen: their Chow-chow does the unthinkable

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It was a close call for a sixty year old couple living in France and their dog probably saved their lives.

By Emilie Heyl

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About a year ago, a couple in their sixties living in France nearly had a heart attack. It all started when they were sitting quietly in their kitchen. All of a sudden, their window opened with a big noise that startled everyone.

A burglar stopped by a dog

Immediately, the woman got up to grab a knife, while the couple's dog, a Chow-Chow named Prince, leapt towards the intruder. The intruder, no doubt frightened, decided to flee without asking for help and left behind an iron bar.

It was when they discovered the iron bar that the couple realised that the situation could have quickly turned dramatic, as the intruder was probably planning to hit them with it, as Vosges Matin reported.

Fortunately, the presence and the reaction of the dog saved everyone.

It was a close call for this couple who specified that it was perfectly noticeable that their house was not empty, and that they were in their kitchen. 

The burglar could not ignore this.

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