She thinks her dog is barking at a cat, but when she gets close she starts screaming (Video)

Concrete slab and owner with dog dog-sad © MetroUK - Facebook

A woman was walking her dog when he started barking. As the woman approached to see why, she started screaming. A scene she will never forget.

By Emilie Heyl

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Back in 2018, in South Africa, Charmaine took a leisurely walk with her dog Georgie. She was surprised when he started barking frantically and pulled her towards a nearby well. At first, Charmaine thought her dog had smelled a cat and wanted to chase it, but she decided to find out for sure by taking a closer look at what is in the well.

That's when Charmaine heard a bloodcurdling scream. And it had nothing to do with a cat’s meow.

A terrifying scene you would hardly believe

Charmaine rushed to the well, which was covered by a thick concrete slab. Unable to move it on her own, she asked passers-by for help, but no one responded. Finally, a 60-year-old man came to help her.

With the help of tools, they started moving the concrete slab and realised that it was a baby calling for help. The man jumped into the well and found a frozen, frightened little girl surrounded by red ants. He then took pictures of the scene for the police and pulled the baby out of the well before calling for help.

Have you ever wondered why dogs bark?

A true miracle

The little girl, who still had her umbilical cord, was brought immediately to hospital and taken care of. Named Grace April by hospital staff, the girl was suffering from hypothermia and breathing problems.

The police are actively searching for the baby girl's mother. In any case, for this baby to end up at the bottom of this well, it meant that someone took the time to move the concrete slab, drop the baby and put the slab back.

A truly horrific act even though it ends well.


Georgie the dog barked to get his owner's attention.

Posted by Metro on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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