Soldier finds a puppy while on a mission, he promises his children to bring him back for Christmas

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An American soldier rescued a puppy while he was on a mission abroad. Very quickly, a bond was formed between him and the animal. The soldier promised his children to take the little dog home for Christmas.

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This story looks like it came out of a classical Christmas movie, but it’s not.

While on a mission overseas, Sergeant Wayne had a shocking encounter. The soldier found a stray puppy in desperate need of help. The soldier decided to take him under his wing and looked after him. A bond quickly developed between him and the puppy. The bond was so strong that the soldier decided to introduce his new friend to his family.

The children fell in love with the puppy Wayne named Branko. The sergeant then promised his children that he would bring the dog home before Christmas.

"It's a great Christmas”

As revealed by the website People, the association Paws of War decided to help the soldier in his efforts. It is a real obstacle course to bring a pet back to the United States. The charity has to manage the travel arrangements, veterinary care, administration and other expenses.

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"When Sergeant Wayne's family became involved with Branko, we knew we had to step in and help with the resettlement effort," said Dereck Cartright, US logistics coordinator at Paws of War, in a statement.

"Seeing how bringing Branko to his family made them all so happy, it reminds us exactly why we do what we do. Our soldiers do so much for the country. It's an honour to do something for them in return," he added. 

Even though he is still on mission, the sergeant wanted to thank the charity: "I may still be abroad for the holidays, but it's a great feeling to know that my family is happy and that Branko has brought so much joy to my children during this time. It's a great Christmas!"

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