Top 8 cutest Christmas puppies

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There’s nothing cuter than puppies posing in front of a magical Christmas décor. So, for your enjoyment, we’ve put together the cutest pictures of Christmas puppies we could find!

By Justine Seraphin

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Now pictures are one thing, but real puppies are something else altogether. Getting a puppy is a lot of work, so before getting one for Christmas, make sure you think it through properly.

Can you get a puppy for Christmas?

Sure you can, as long as it’s been a well-thought through decision. Some dogs can live up to 16 years of age – is that a commitment you’re willing to make? Are you financially prepared to take care of them for that long? Are you ready to take them out for a walk every day, rain or shine? These are just some of the things to consider before you get a dog. Don’t get one on impulse because you want to make the children happy on Christmas. Dogs are not gifts, they’re forever companions, and big responsibilities.

How can I surprise my puppy for Christmas?

So dogs can’t grasp the concept of the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil them on Christmas. Whether you purchase toys/treats, or make them at home, your puppy will love it! Wrap it in some wrapping paper that they can have fun tearing up and place it under the tree. Dogs aren’t fussy, as long as they can spend Christmas with you, they’ll be the happiest pups in the world!

Whether it’s your first Christmas with your dog or not, here’s our gift to you: Christmas puppies. Enjoy the pictures in our gallery above!

  • chocolate labrador puppy wearing red bowtie
    Copyright © Alina Tanya - Shutterstock

    1. This puppy who’s dressed for the occasion

    A Lab in a bowtie? Yes. 100% best dressed.

  • malamute puppy wearing christmas hat with grey kitten
    Copyright © Ermolaev Alexander - Shutterstock

    2. This puppy who’s trying to ignore his (annoying) kitty sister until Santa gets here

    ‘If I close my eyes, maybe she won’t see me…’

  • golden retriever puppy wearing christmas hat
    Copyright © HTeam - Shutterstock

    3. This Golden Retriever who’s rockin’ his Santa hat

    It might be a little big for him, but he’s rockin’ it regardless.

  • mixed breed pup wearing reindeer christmas sweater
    Copyright © Anna Pasichnyk - Shutterstock

    4. This pup who’s got the cutest Christmas jumper

    Where did you get that?? We’re not jealous, not jealous at all…

  • french bulldog puppy with red ribbon around body
    Copyright © Natalie Shuttleworth - Shutterstock

    5. This Frenchie who’s having more fun with the decorations than with the gifts

    ‘Mum, so glad you’re here! Someone just destroyed the gift you carefully wrapped earlier today. I have no idea who it was.’

  • family with christmas hat and dachshund puppy
    Copyright © StockLite - Shutterstock

    6. This Dachsie pup who’s spending his first Christmas with a forever family

    Family Christmases are the best Christmases!

  • dachshund puppies wearing christmas jumpers
    Copyright © Liliya Kulianionak - Shutterstock

    7. These twins who know matching outfits is what gets them treats

    I mean, how can you resist so much cuteness??

  • litter of beagles sleeping in wicker basket
    Copyright © O_Lypa - Shutterstock

    8. These Beagles who know better than anyone that Christmas is an exhausting day

    Sleep tight, little ones.

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