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Small dog nearly falls off a bridge: A heart-racing rescue (Video)

dog falling from bridge dog-wow © MauVila - Twitter

In the city of Mérida, a little dog was stuck between a post and the retaining wall on a bridge. We tell you what the firefighters did to help him...

By Emilie Heyl

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There are times when pets get into really strange situations, putting themselves in danger and we humans get very worried and stressed out.


Now just imagine the kind of danger dogs living on the streets find themselves in and who they have to spend their lives trying to survive every day.

Today's story is about a little dog who found himself in a rather tricky situation and how the fire brigade was able to save him.

A dog stuck on a bridge

It happened in the city of Merida, Yucatan where a citizen reported something quite unusual and worrying: a little dog was stuck between a pole and the retaining bar of a vehicular bridge, hanging and close to falling.

City firefighters heard of the incident, and they came to the rescue. Three people arrived quickly and helped the terrified dog.

The event was captured on video and it was state governor Mauricio Vila Dosal who shared it on his Twitter account with the following message:

"I share with you this video of the rescue of a little dog carried out by unit 859 of the @sspyuc firefighters. This was possible thanks to a report from a citizen, let's keep working together and take care of each other."

The governor did not give any more details about what happened to the little dog, how it got into that situation, how long it was in it and what the physical consequences were after the rescue, however, while watching the video we can see that the little dog seems to be in good condition.

Watch the amazing video below:

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