Watch: A bear plays with a German Shepherd in the snow (Video)

bear plays with a dog dog-happy © Il Dolomiti - Youtube

A video, which immediately went viral, of a bear playing with a dog in the snow in Abruzzo was filmed by workers working in the area.

By Emilie Heyl

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It is Abruzzo, Italy, land of wolves and bears, that this beautiful scene you are about to witness took place. As soon as the video was posted, it went viral all over the internet. December 15, in a small village in the province of l’Aquila, a German shepherd was out for a walk when he encountered a bear…


An unlikely... but real friendship!

A woman was walking her dog, a German Shepherd, near the Armatore path when a bear came down from the mountain and stopped on the road in front of them.

What happened then? Did the bear attack the dog? Did the dog run away followed by the furious bear? Nothing of the sort!

It was like love at first sight! The bear sat down peacefully in the middle of the snowy roadway, and the dog started to walk around him, barking and wagging his tail!

The dog owner stood at a safe distance, a little apprehensive but fascinated at the same time by what was happening in front of her eyes.

The playful scene was filmed by workers who were working nearby. The video posted on social media went viral in the blink of an eye.

The people who live in the area are used to seeing wild animals. But seeing a bear playing with a dog is something that goes beyond all expectations! 

Sometimes you just have to let nature do its thing and extraordinary things like this happen!

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