Dogs hear a love song playing and get romantic (Video)

street musicians and a couple of little dogs dog-happy © Lomunidad - Youtube

These musicians were playing a song when a very special couple of lovers arrived to listen and enjoy a romantic moment.

By Emilie Heyl

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A beautiful song or a particular melody can touch the heart of even the most insensitive person and make them think of special moments or people.

But it seems that this does not only apply to humans: our four-legged friends can also be moved by a song. And these two Mexican dogs are the living proof of this.


A love melody

In November 2020, a video showing two very unusual lovers was published on the YouTube page Lomunidad and quickly won the hearts of thousands of users.

The video showed a group of Mexican musicians playing the song Mi linda esposa by Los Tigres del Norte in the street.

The performance proceeds normally until, suddenly, the band begins to play more emphatically: it is at this moment that the cameraman focuses on the audience listening to the concert.

Have you ever wondered what dogs can hear?

Two love birds

The camera lens focuses on two small dogs who are sitting a little to one side, listening to the music. One of the four-legged dogs is a small grey dog that looks like a Schnauzer, while the other is a small black mixed-breed.

It looks as if the two furry dogs are enjoying the melody as if they were a couple very much in love.

At one point, the small black dog, who is very moved by the song, throws herself at the grey dog and covers him with kisses as if the song’s words had touched her heart.

Here is the video! Let yourself be taken in by the sweetness of this song and these two cute dogs!

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