Look on dog’s face when he’s caught stealing a food container is priceless

Golden retriever in kitchen dog-happy © tracigrimsley - Tik Tok

A Golden Retriever plays a funny prank thinking no one was watching him, but this cheeky animal didn't realise he was being watched, and even his misdeed was caught on video!

By Emilie Heyl

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Puppies can become extremely obedient animals with proper education and training. However, if there is one thing no puppy can resist, it is a bite of delicious human food.

Our furry little friends lose their minds when they sniff human food and can quickly let their instinct betray them by having a little taste.


The sweet mischief of a gluttonous pooch

In fact, that's what happened to a friendly Golden Retriever. He knew exactly what food he wanted, which was inside a plastic bowl that his human had left in the kitchen.

Without hesitation, the little dog got up on his two legs to reach the precious treat and with a little effort, managed to grab the reusable container with his teeth.

A big surprise came up for this furry man when he heard the voice of his human who had been watching him while he was committing his misdeed.

Immediately, the woman began to call the attention of the naughty furry who had no choice but to leave the plastic container on the floor while he looked at her with a scolding face.

The expression was so cute that thousands of Tik Tok users were delighted with this "bad dog".

Below you can take a look at the funny moment when the cheeky dog got caught in the middle of his mischief, his face says it all!

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