UK owners willing to pay breeders more to have puppies’ ears illegally cropped

pitbull with cropped ears dog-angry © Mary Swift - Shutterstock

You would think that dog owners would not wish any harm on their own pets. Yet, so many new owners are willing to go to extreme lengths to make their pets look a certain way.

By Justine Seraphin

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A BBC investigation has recently revealed what lengths certain people are willing to go to make dogs look a certain way.

Cropping a dog’s ears has been illegal in the UK since 2006, when the Animal Welfare Act came into force.

Why ear cropping is illegal in the UK

Cropping is a form of mutilation which is purely done to suit our ideals of beauty. Yet, the process is often performed by people with no medical background – making it dangerous and often painful for the animal. 

In addition, ear cropping affects an animal’s welfare for life. Dogs move their ears in different directions to hear better – by cropping their ears, humans are essentially limiting their hearing, which can be very dangerous for them in and of itself. Plus, dogs use their ears to communicate with their owners and with other dogs. By cropping them, we are increasing the risk of miscommunication – which could result in some nasty fights… 

Why are there cropped-eared dogs in the UK?

Unfortunately, ear cropping is not illegal all across Europe. And it is also not illegal to transport a cropped-eared dog into the UK. This enables bad breeders and owners to find a loophole and continue to purchase mutilated dogs.

Indeed, the BBC went undercover and spoke to a breeder named Moheiz Adam. Though Adam gets his puppies’ ears cropped illegally in the UK, he always affirms that his dogs come from Europe – therefore avoiding the fine and prison sentence which the Animal Welfare Act would call for.

Unfortunately, bad breeders are not the only ones to blame. People continue to buy dogs that look like this simply because they think they look more “cool” or “badass”. In fact, puppies with cropped ears sell on average for £1,500 more than other puppies.

But remember, ear cropping is cruel and selfish. Let’s not support animal abusers!

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