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Watch: Civil Guard agents jump into the water to save a dog trapped in an icy lake

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The events took place in the city of Huesca in Spain last Tuesday. The video of this rescue has moved more than 100,000 people.

By Emilie Heyl

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Two agents of the Civil Guard of Huesca have carried out a crazy rescue. A dog, a golden retriever, was trapped in a frozen lake. The animal's life hung by a thread, but the agents did not hesitate for a second to dive into the icy waters to rescue it.

A very intense video

The video, published by the Civil Guard on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, has already been seen by more than 128,000 people. And it is not for less because the images are stressful. 

The dog was walking with his owner near a frozen lake in Huesca; when the animal suddenly ventured onto the ice, it gave way under its weight and left it trapped in the icy water.

Immediately, his owner alerted the Civil Guard who sent two agents to rescue the dog. The two men did not hesitate to dive into the icy water in their underwear to rescue the frightened and frozen animal.

Thanks to the intervention of the agents, the dog managed to return to shore and find its owner. He is now recovering warmly at home.

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