10 Christmas gift ideas for your cat

Looking for inspiration for a Christmas gift for your cat? Check out our gift ideas.

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Do you love your cat more than anything and you want to make him happy at Christmas? Here are our gift ideas.

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Like all the other members of the family, will your cat have a Christmas present waiting for him under the Christmas tree? But what will you get your feline friend? 

A new toy, a soft bed, tasty treats, a new hammock? It's not always easy to find the perfect Christmas present for your cat. But do not panic ! If you have not yet made your choice, discover the selection of Christmas gift ideas for cats that Wamiz has prepared for you!

  • Cat with feather toy
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    Cat toys

    To feel happy, the cat must exert himself both physically and mentally. Between lazers, ball toys, wand toys, food dispenser toys, your cat is not likely to get bored. You could for example get brain game toys to hide treats inside, that will keep your feline busy for a while.

  • Cat eating a treat
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    Cat treats

    If homemade meals are not your thing, you can always opt to buy your cat’s favourite treats: biscuits, sticks... In addition to giving your feline a delicious snack from time to time, these rewards are ideal if you want to educate your cat through positive reinforcement.

  • Two cats on a cat tree
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    A cat tree

    Cats love to climb and perch to observe. For those who have small spaces and don’t have a lot of room for their cat's toys, a cat tree is an ideal accessory.

  • Cat sleeping in a cat bed
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    A cat bed

    To guarantee your little cat maximum comfort, you can buy him a nice and cozy bed. From a design bed, to the ultra fluffy basket, the choice is not lacking!

  • Kitten getting a message
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    A massage for your cat

    Does your cat love getting a nice, long massage or scratches under its chin? Why not spend a really long time giving your cat a message. We are sure, your feline will be happy with that, we would be...

  • Kitten with teddy bear sleeping
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    A Teddy bear for your cat

    Is your cat a big softie who loves to cuddle with you? Why don’t you get your feline a nice and warm teddy bear to snuggle with while he snoozes? That would be just so adorable!

  • Ginger kitten sleeping with mouse toy
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    A mouse toy

    On the list of a cat's favourite activity (apart from sleeping), playing appears in 1st position. So mouse toys are always a great Christmas gift idea for a cat. 

    They have an additional advantage: at Christmas, the temptation to play with tinsels is great for a cat. A mouse toy keeps your cat occupied so that he leaves your Christmas decoration in peace.

  • Cat in a cat tunnel
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    A cat tunnel

    If you want to keep your cat occupied and develop his playful side, a cat tunnel is perfect for him! When he feels like taking a break, he can settle down inside.

  • Grey cat on a hammock
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    A new hammock

    You will certainly not have missed it, cats have a real passion for radiators. In winter, they like to lie down close to them to take advantage of their warmth. Offer your furry friend a haven of peace and comfort by installing a hammock just for him!

  • Cat with owner in the kitchen
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    A homemade Christmas meal

    If you are one of those people who love to make delicious homemade recipes for your feline, then Christmas is the perfect time to prepare a delicious meal. Your cat will definitely lick its whiskers.

    However, if you have never prepared homemade food for your cat before, we recommend that you do your research beforehand. You just have to choose the main product, meat or fish and add (or not) small portions of vegetables.

    But be very careful as a lot of human food is toxic for cats. Also, make sure you don’t add any salt, pepper or any other spices to your homemade dish.

  • Heart with cat paw and human hand
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    Bonus: The best gift is love

    Indeed, there is no point in giving your cat savory rewards, useful accessories and funny toys if he has no one to share them with. Remember that cats are social animals and they need someone by their side to share good times with. Apart from everything you can give your feline, love and affection are gifts that will always be appreciated, not just at Christmas, but all year round.

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