Family buys sheepdog: A few weeks later, they realise they’ve been scammed

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Unfortunately, the high demand in puppies is bringing about unscrupulous breeders, scammers, thieves, and other criminals. But this story is beyond all imagination…

By Justine Seraphin

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The Soleto family, who lives in Peru, were wandering through a pet store just a few months ago.

As they walked by one of the kennels, they spotted a beautiful little dog. 


Adorable puppy bought for incredible price

Incredibly, the puppy cost only $13. What a bargain for such a cute dog! The seller assured them that the puppy was a sheepdog, and that he would grow up to be a fantastic dog for their farm. So the Soletos bought the puppy and took him home. 

The pup was named Run Run, and in the beginning, acted like a completely normal puppy! He was playful, energetic, and friendly.

But as he started maturing, something with Run Run changed dramatically. Physically – his ears and his nose started to get pointier, his tail longer and fluffier. He looked more like a fox than a dog. And mentally – he started chasing after all the family’s chickens and their neighbours’ too! The whole neighbourhood started to suffer significant losses due to Run Run’s behaviour, so the family knew they had to do something.

Puppy isn’t a puppy at all

After some research, they realised they hadn’t been sold a dog at all. Nope, Run Run was actually an Andean Fox! It was clear Run Run belonged in the wild, so the Soletos got in touch with the regional fauna protection agency. But before the group could come to retrieve Run Run, the fox ran away from home!

Thankfully, Run Run was found a few weeks later. He’s currently in rehab to learn how to be a wild animal. Once he’s ready, he’ll be returned to his natural environment.

Authorities aren’t that surprised about this scam. It’s apparently pretty common in Peru. And though nothing quite like this has occurred in the UK, our country is also riddled with bad breeders and scammers. Make sure you do your research and pick a reputable breeder if you decide to purchase a puppy. 

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