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To save the lives of 14 kittens, this young girl made an incredible decision

Little girl with kittens in her arms cat-happy © Lort Smith - Facebook

Lucinda, a 13-year-old girl is going to make a radical decision to save stray felines.

By Emilie Heyl

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Lucinda is a teenage girl with a big heart. In 2015, The Australian 13-year-old schoolgirl found five kittens by the side of the road. Lucinda didn’t hesitate to save these adorable and tiny kittens. 


They were so cute. I didn't want to leave them, they looked so desperate and lost” she told the Cole and Marmalade website.

The problem was when Lucinda found the babies she was riding her bike, therefore, it was impossible for her to bring them all back.

She decided to quickly go home and pick up a laundry basket. When she returned, she was surprised to discover that nine other kittens were there. In total, Lucinda saved 14 animals.

To save the 14 kittens, she used the money she got for her birthday 

Lucinda, unable to keep the whole litter, contacted an animal clinic. To reach the establishment, the young girl had to take a taxi. So she decided to use the money she received on her birthday to pay for the taxi. She will therefore spend all of her 50 dollars to accompany the little kittens.

The kittens were thus able to be sterilised and were ready to find their forever homes.

Well done to Lucinda!

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