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Woman shocked at people's indifference when they see helpless kitten on the road

bike on road cat-sad

As animal lovers, we know we would stop to help an animal in need. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who just don’t care about our four-legged friends.

By Justine Seraphin

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Matea likes to ride her bike on her way home from work every day.

One evening, as she was biking, she spotted something out of the ordinary on the side of the road. It seemed to be a small ball.

Tiny kitten in need ignored by all

As she got closer though, she realised it was actually a tiny little kitten! The poor thing looked scared, hungry, cold, and alone. The worst part is that many people had walked by before Matea – and none of them had stopped to help.

Matea instantly knew she had to help the poor little kitten. She picked him up and placed him in her backpack where he got nice and cosy. 

Kind passer-by decides to adopt stray kitten

Matea took the little kitten to the vets, where the poor fella got all the treatment he needed. Of course, Matea fell in love and decided she would never part with the kitten, whom she named Gizmo.

Gizmo has now grown up to be a wonderful, healthy adult cat. He loves his human mum who saved his life, and his new sibling, Sara!

We wish you all the best, Gizmo, you deserve it!

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