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Dog trapped on highest volcano in Mexico meets a true hero

mountaineer with dog in his backpack dog-happy © Layo Aguilar - Facebook & nyker - Shutterstock

Not everyone stops to help an animal in need. But those who do, like this group of hikers in Mexico, are truly the best people in this world!

By Justine Seraphin

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Just a couple of weeks ago, a group of hikers on the Citlaltepetl volcano in Mexico noticed a dog all alone.

The dog seemed to be hungry, dehydrated, and completely stranded, but he wouldn’t let anyone try to help him. So the hikers decided to call for backup. 


Mountain rescue for stranded dog

Soon after, a mountaineer named Layo Hilario Aguilar started climbing the volcano with a team of other professionals. When they reached the summit, the dog was still there.

They offered him food and water, which he quickly gobbled up. Once the dog had rested a little, Layo tried to encourage him to walk down the volcano with them, but unfortunately, the dog had a leg injury and didn’t want to move.

So Layo and his team started lifting the dog and trying to place him in one of the backpacks. The dog wasn’t happy with this and tried to bite his rescuers several times. But after some patience and determination on the team’s part, they were able to safely secure the dog in Layo’s backpack. And so they started the long descent down the volcano.

A bright future for Canelo

Once they arrived at the bottom, they put the dog in a car, where he fell asleep immediately. Poor thing was exhausted.

That night, the dog, who was named Canelo, slept at Layo’s home. But the next day, Layo transferred him to a friend of his who is in the animal rescue business. She will help Canelo gain weight and get back on his feet so that he can be adopted as soon as possible.

With a story like his, we’re sure he’ll find a family in no time! 

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