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At 26 years old, will Samm become the oldest cat in the world?

Ginger cat who is 26 years old cat-wow © KPTV FOX 12 Oregon - Youtube

A cat owner will apply for Guinness World Records for his feline to obtain the title of oldest cat in the world.

By Emilie Heyl

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An Oregon cat might set a new Guinness world record. Indeed, Samm is a 26 year old cat making him two years older than the current feline known as the oldest living cat in the world.


Samm soon in the Guinness World Records books?

Is Samm the oldest cat in the world? Well, for the moment it seems like it. Indeed, Samm’s owner, Charly Briggs de Turner decided to contact Guinness World Records to check if her cat was the world’s oldest cat alive. 

I asked Guinness, and they were like: the oldest living cat we have on record right now is 24” Charly told KPTV. She then adds: “I’m like: ‘What? He’s older than 24. I was like just freaking out”. 

She then posted this news on social media and received a lot of support from her friends. They all pushed her to apply for the title of the oldest cat in the world.

Back in 2002, Charly adopted Samm who was a stray at the time. Vets have confirmed that the feline is indeed 26 and in good health.

Guys, he could do it. He could win,” Charly explained on social media.

Creme Puff lived to be 38 years old

Samm’s owner said she would submit the evidence to the Guinness World Records for her cat to be officially recognised.

Today the world record for the oldest cat is held by Creme Puff who lived to be 38 years and 3 days.

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