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Dog stuck in attic: At the house, rescue volunteer discovers horrific truth

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Dogs need care every single day. So when this volunteer found out how long this dog had been on his own, she was shocked to her core and knew she had to do something.

By Justine Seraphin

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Julie, a volunteer at a dog rescue in Detroit, was called to help a dog stuck in the attic of a house around two years ago.


Dog found in abandoned house

When she arrived at the house, she realised matters were much more serious than she previously thought. The dog had been left alone in the house because his owner had gone to prison! To make matters worse, he had been gone for around 10 months. How the dog was still alive was a mystery, and nothing short of a miracle.

Julie tried to entice the dog out of the attic using treats. And after a few minutes, the dog finally started to trust her enough to come out of his hiding spot.

A brand new start

Julie immediately took the dog home with her, and knew she couldn’t give up on him. She named him Star, and helped him come out of his shell. 

Today, Star is a happy and confident dog, and life in the attic is just a distant memory. 

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