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Police spend over 20 hours pulling a dog out of the asphalt

dog being pulled from underground dog-serious © MunicipioLdeZ - Twitter

Some rescue missions seem just impossible to pull off. But this team of rescuers in Argentina never gave up on this dog in need, even though it took them almost an entire day!

By Justine Seraphin

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About two weeks ago, the Argentinian authorities were contacted by members of the public who said they’d seen a dog stuck in the sewers.

The police came to the scene immediately but did not expect to find such a complicated situation.


Dog stuck in sewage pipes

Indeed, the dog had somehow slipped into a large pipe which was 8 meters deep underground and only 40 cm in diameter. The dog was completely inaccessible.

But that didn’t stop the rescue team. Though they couldn’t pull the dog out of the pipes directly, they knew they could access the dog from a different angle. But for this to work, they would need to literally break the road the pipe was under. So, they started breaking the asphalt to try and access it. It took them no less than 20 hours, and the dog was only pulled out of the ground at 3AM.

Ready for a new start

Thankfully, the dog was quickly taken to a clinic where he was given a full health check. Once he fully recovers from his emotional experience, he will be ready for adoption. 

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Best of luck, little guy! And stay away from the sewage pipes!

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