Dogs hear their owner crying: Their reaction has the world stunned

puggle and maltipoo in dog bed dog-wow
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What would your dogs do if you suddenly broke down in tears? A recent trend on TikTok has seen owners testing this out. And one video has everyone stunned.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 25/11/2021, 09:00

Owners have taken to social platform TikTok to see how their dogs would react if they suddenly started crying.

And one video in particular has caught everyone’s attention. 


Dogs’ adorable reaction to hearing owner cry

The video was posted by user and featured her two dogs, a Puggle named Princess and a Maltipoo named Pixie.

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As soon as their owner starts “crying”, the two dogs, who were relaxing quietly in a corner, lift their heads up attentively. When they realise their owner is indeed in tears, they both immediately stand up and run to her.

Dogs know when you’re sad

Their reaction has had thousands of users complimenting the dogs on their love and loyalty towards their owner.

Studies have shown that dogs indeed know when their owners aren’t feeling well, and will try to help in these situations. They’re also faster to get to you if they hear you crying, compared to if they hear you humming a tune, for example.

If that doesn’t prove that dogs are man’s best friends, we don’t know what does.