Meet Midas, the cat born with a very rare genetic mutation (Video)

Midas the cat with four ears cat-wow
© midas_x24 - Instgram

Midas is a very special kitten, who has aroused amazement all over the world for her rather particular appearance...

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 24/11/2021, 09:00

Every now and then, an animal is born with absolutely unique features due to a genetic mutation. Midas, a kitten born 4 months ago in Turkey, looks so different from the other cats and that hasn't stopped her from making a sensation on the internet.


Midas the cat was born with four ears!

When Midas’ owner shared a photo of her beloved cat, many internet users were amazed. Indeed, Midas looks like no other cat: due to a genetic mutation, this sweet kitten has not one, but two pairs of ears!

This is probably due to one of her parents who had this trait and the little girl inherited it, but in any case it does not represent any health problems for her.

However, Midas cannot hear any better thanks to her additional ears, as some have suspected.

Midas is as special as anyone else! And not just for his extra ears!

Two hearts full of love ...

Midas has not only four ears but also ... two hearts! On her adorable tummy, you can actually see a heart-shaped patch of white fur !

This kitten is truly a beauty of nature!

We too love this special kitten and, above all, we agree with her message that, beyond the physical aspect, all animals can fill your life with love!