Watch two American Bully dogs who hilariously attempt to eat whipped cream

Two American Bully dogs trying to eat whipped cream dog-happy © twowillowsmarketllc - Tik Tok

What better way to have a good laugh than to see two big American Bully dogs not very good at eating whipped cream?

By Emilie Heyl

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It was on Tik Tok that millions of people got to meet Ammo and Nala, two American Bully dogs. Their owner is the one taking care of their Tik Tok account, his username is "twowillowsmarkellc". Obviously greedy, the dogs try, in the video, to eat whipped cream their human gave them.


Two very clumsy dogs in slow motion

This video of these two particularly clumsy dogs, filmed in slow motion, with very funny music, was immediately successful on social media. And we can understand why, when we see these two big dogs fail, almost every time, their attempts to swallow a bit of whipped cream.

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The whipped cream flies all over the place, but rarely falls into the mouths of the two dogs who never give up and give everything for this moment of gluttony.

A viral video

Once online, the video of these two American Bully dogs had been viewed, shared and commented millions of times on Tik Tok. Many Internet users found it hilarious to see that these two large dogs finally managed to eat only 2% of the whipped cream!

Want to have a good laugh? Watch the video of these two cute but clumsy American Bully dogs eating whipped cream:

Remember that it is not advisable to give whipped cream to your dog. If in doubt, always seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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