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Shelter shares unexpected news about pair of bonded cat sisters

grey and white cat and black and white cat together cat-happy © BirdieWorld - YouTube

Just like humans, animals can make friends for life. And when that happens, they don’t want to be separated from them. Which is why this shelter was so worried for Xeno qnd Ripley.

By Justine Seraphin

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Several weeks ago, two cats named Xeno and Ripley and their litters of kittens came to a Canadian shelter.

It was clear that the cats were sisters and that they were very bonded. 


Cat sisters co-parent their kittens

So the shelter provided them with their own shared cattery, where they went on to raise their litters together. In fact, they were so good at co-parenting that it was impossible for shelter staff to tell which kitten was who’s. They were just as happy being fed from Xeno as they were from Ripley.

When they weren’t caring for their kittens, Xeno and Ripley could be seen cuddling together, walking side by side, and people-watching from behind the glass door. 

Bonded cats adopted together

Staff knew the cats would be devastated if they were separated, but the shelter was getting no applications for them. Would they have to be separated?

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Thankfully, it was announced just a few hours ago that Xeno and Ripley have been officially adopted together! We are so glad these two lovable kitties will be able to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Enjoy ladies!

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