North Wales Police announce sad passing of two beloved dogs over the weekend

senior springer spaniel wearing poppy around collar dog-sad © Cheshire and North Wales Police Dogs - Facebook

We’re never ready to say goodbye to our furry friends. And this past weekend, it is all of North Wales that has been grieving for two beloved members of their community.

By Justine Seraphin

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It has been a tough weekend for the North Wales Police. Within just a few hours, they lost two of their retired members.


Two retired police dogs pass away

Barney and Taff both served in North Wales Police and retired in 2017 and 2015, respectively. Both Springer Spaniels were 13 and a half when they passed.

The whole community has been shaken with the news. Barney had, in his years as a retired police dog, become a beloved member of his new family. Taff had re-trained as a therapy dog and become known around retirement homes and hospitals in his town.

Tribute paid to beloved Springer Spaniels

The two dogs will be dearly missed by their families, their former partners, and of course, the entire North Wales community. Police dogs are important when it comes to the safety of the community: They carry out essential tasks like sniffing out drugs, cash, or even missing people! And although Barney and Taff had been retired for a while, their dedication to the community will never be forgotten.

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The North Wales Police posted a heart-warming message about them both on their Facebook page, saying:

“Your duty is done.”

Rest in peace, good boys!

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