Visitors on Disneyland ride stunned when they see what’s in the boat ahead

its a small world ride disneyland paris dog-wow © ED92 - Facebook

Going to Disneyland is always an adventure. You can expect to see lots of things that you don’t see every day. But this visitor is something that no-one was expecting to see.

By Justine Seraphin

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As families rode on the infamous “It’s a Small World” ride about a year ago, they were stunned to see who was riding on the boat in front of them.

At first, they thought they must be mistaken. But no, there really was a DOG enjoying the ride.

Guide dog in training visits Disneyland

Usually, dogs are not allowed in Disneyland Paris – however, Diesel the Labrador gets a special pass because he’s a special dog.

Indeed, Diesel, in October 2020, was training to be a guide dog for the blind. At 6 months old, he was learning how to be comfortable in a variety of situations – and what better place to get used to different sounds and sights than Disneyland?

An amazing day

Diesel, was, to no surprise, a very good boy during his entire trip to Disneyland. He met lots of characters, including Mickey and Minnie. He even met fellow dog Pluto, who got down to his level to say hello.

We’re not sure where Diesel is today, but we know that he’s doing a terrific job as a guide dog.

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