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Dog becomes family hero after courageously chasing a wild animal prowling around the house (Video)

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In California, a dog didn’t hesitate to chase a mountain lion off its owner’s property. This act of bravery left him with serious wounds all over his body.

Rocky is a very courageous dog who would do anything to protect his family. He became a true hero after chasing a mountain lion that prowled around his home. Sadly, Rocky did not come out unscathed from his confrontation with the wild animal.


Rocky, the super hero dog! 

One night, In La Verne (California), an American woman was intrigued by the barking of her two dogs. She decided to go see what was going on in the backyard of her house. That’s when she saw something looking at her straight into her eyes. It was a mountain lion. She panicked! But Rocky was there to protect her. The youngest of the two canines took action. 

The Pitbull started running after the intruder and both ran off up a hill located nearby. Equipped with a flashlight and accompanied by the rest of the family, they set off in search of Rocky, even though the wild animal was still hanging around. “We wanted to protect our dog” she said. 

Rocky was finally found, but he was severely injured

A few moments later, Rocky was found. But he was seriously injured. The brave dog suffered 8 major injuries and had a total of 30 stitches.

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Of course, Rocky received the best care possible and recovered well from this ordeal. The proud dog mum explained that the only reason why Rocky attacked this mountain dog was to protect his family. 

However, it seems that the wild animal is still prowling as he was spotted 4 days later in the same area. Residents were invited to contact the local authorities in the event of an encounter with the mountain lion.

Here is the video of Rocky who is bravely chasing the moutain lion:

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