Family buys a Husky: A few weeks later, they panic when they find out the truth

Husky from behind walking in forest dog-wow © Oleg Izyum - Shutterstock

This story took place in Peru. A family living in the city of Lima thought they had acquired a Husky but they were totally deceived by an unscrupulous "breeder".

By Emilie Heyl

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You should always be extra careful if you decide to buy an animal from a breeder. Do your research in order to avoid scams which are unfortunately numerous. A family living in Peru paid the price.


A Husky? Or not...

It all started when a mother suggested to her son to get a family dog and more precisely a Husky. Delighted, the young boy therefore went to buy the animal from a breeder, who turned out to be a con artist.

At first, the whole family was delighted with the arrival of this adorable puppy, even if he looks quite different from the other puppies. But after a few weeks, surprise surprise: it was not a Husky who was living with them, but a Magellanic fox. They had been scammed.

During a violent storm in the region, on the night of May 24, the fox escaped from the house and had since wandered over the roofs of neighbouring houses.

Desperate, the family, helplessly, witness the misdeeds of the fox who does not hesitate to kill the chickens, ducks and other guinea pigs that remain outside. Obviously, the whole neighbourhood complained about the fox’s presence and its excrement, which smelled particularly bad.

The family needed help

As the family didn’t know how to capture the fox or even what to do with the animal afterwards, they decided to call local authorities to have the fox captured and put in a local zoo afterwards. But, for the moment, the animal remains difficult to capture...

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