Obese dog makes incredible transformation after being adopted by new family

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Some will eat anything they can sink their teeth into, even if they’re not hungry anymore. That’s what happened to Wolfgang, and it led to some pretty severe health problems.

By Justine Seraphin

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Wolfgang the Beagle was fostered and later adopted by Erin McManis in 2019. At the time, Wolfgang weighed a whopping 90 lbs (or 6.4 stone)!


Beagle’s weight loss journey

Little was known about Wolfgang’s past, but it’s probable that the dog was given no restrictions in his previous home and was simply allowed to eat as much table scraps as he wanted. But that’s the problem with hounds, if you don’t stop them eating, they’ll keep on going, and going, and going…

Thankfully, Erin had fostered an obese dog before so she was prepared for the challenge. With some healthy dieting and exercise, she helped Wolfgang shed his weight, little by little.

Obese dog makes incredible transformation

And now, two years later, Wolfgang weighs an incredible 32 lbs (or 2.2 stone), which is a completely normal weight for an adult Beagle. Talk about an inspiring weight loss journey!

Wolfgang is now living his best life – not only is he much healthier, he’s also much more comfortable. His weight no longer stops him from being able to play or go for long walks. And he’s got his new mum to thank for that!

Well done, Wolfgang!

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