Clever Lab has the sweetest way of telling her deaf sister it’s time for walkies

black labrador face dog-happy © Terry Underwood Evans - Shutterstock

A dog’s hearing is much sharper than a human’s. So for those dogs who lose their hearing, the world can become a very scary, unknown place.

By Justine Seraphin

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Kinley the yellow Labrador lost her hearing when she was 6 months old, and has been completely deaf since. Due to her deafness, she can sometimes feel a little shy and unsure of the world around her.


Labrador helps deaf sister understand the world

Thankfully, she has the best big sister. Lily the black Labrador was adopted as a service dog for her human mum, but it turns out she’s willing to be a service dog for everyone.

Kinley and Lily immediately formed a strong bond and became the best of friends. Kinley relies heavily on her little sister to navigate the world – especially when she wants to be sure she doesn’t miss out on anything.

A boop for walkies

For example, since Kinley can’t hear her mum say, “Do you want to go for a walk?”, Lily makes sure to pass on the message in doggy language.

She’ll run over to Kinley and boop her nose excitedly as if to say: “Come on sis, Mum’s taking us out for walkies!” And there’s no need to wonder whether Kinley gets the message – she stands up and runs to her mum immediately, impatient to get outside.

What a beautiful, heart-warming relationship these two share!

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