Former soldier had cancer: His Labrador decided he didn’t want to live without him

Sick man lies next to labrador dog-sad © Marie Heather - Facebook

The love between a dog and its owner can be so strong. The fate of Daniel Hove and his Labrador Gunner proves this once more.

By Emilie Heyl

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Former soldier Daniel Hove and his dog Gunner are inseparable. The two lived side by side for eleven years. Even when Hove received the devastating news that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his loyal Labrador stood by his side.


Gunner the Labrador also got sick

As the disease progressed, someone else suddenly got sick, his dog, Gunner. Daniel and his dog always laid next to each other, while sadly they both suffered. Daniel’s daughter, Heather described the situation with Kare 11:

"If my father was upset, his dog was upset too, if my father was restless, his dog was restless."

Two friends sadly left at the same time

At some point, Gunner wasn’t doing so great and Heather, with a heavy heart decided to take him to the veterinary clinic.

I had him euthanized. About an hour and a half later, my father also left us."

For Heather it is at least a comforting thought that the two best friends could leave this world together. “Gunner couldn't be without my father. I think he decided to go with him."

RIP Daniel and Gunner!

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