Delivery man calls building elevator: When the doors open, he leaps into action

delivery man standing in front of lead in elevator dog-wow © South China Morning Post - YouTube

Some people are just in the right place at the right time. This delivery man in China, for instance, could not have chosen his moment better.

By Justine Seraphin

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About three weeks ago, a little Shih-Tzu type dog wandered into his building’s elevator all by himself, with his leash dragging behind him.

Presumably, his owner had let him walk alone to the elevator while they locked the door, or perhaps the little dog ran off without them.


Shih Tzu takes elevator alone

Whatever the case, the dog entered the elevator alone. And unfortunately, as the doors closed behind him, his leash got stuck between them.

As the elevator starts to go down, the poor pup can be seen flying upwards, and hanging from his collar at the very top of the door.

Thankfully, the elevator only went down one floor, where the doors opened again, and a delivery man stood waiting.

Delivery man rescues dog in elevator

Though the man was understandably startled at first, he quicky realised the pup needed help. He grabbed the dog, instantly relieving the pressure on his neck, and proceeded to remove his collar. He then brought the dog to the building’s security guard, who reunited the scared animal with his owner.

Let this be another reminder to always be very careful when taking dogs into an elevator. If their leash gets stuck in the doors, the consequences could be devastating. 

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