Woman buys a French Bulldog and quickly realises that it is a very different breed

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Sometimes, when someone decides to buy a dog, they don't always take the necessary precautions to protect the animal or even themselves. And unfortunately, unpleasant surprises arise.

By Emilie Heyl

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Buying a dog is not a trivial act and should always be carefully considered and thought about. Also, it is crucial to respect some rules before choosing the breeder who will grant your confidence, to avoid scams and problems with your future life companion.


A dangerous scam

Unfortunately for Bethany, she didn't pay enough attention to the breeder when she decided in May 2020 to buy a French Bulldog puppy for her mother.

On the Internet, the British woman came across a particularly tempting ad and decided to go there to pick up the puppy of her dreams at a competitive price.

Too competitive to be true.

Once she brought the five week old puppy home, the whole family seemed happy. But over the next few weeks, it became obvious that there was a problem: this puppy was not a French Bulldog. It was, apparently, a cross between a French Bulldog and a Yorkshire Terrier.

Fortunately for this pooch, the whole family was already under his spell and no one considered for a second getting rid of him. Luckily too, the dog had no particular health concerns, which often happens in these types of scam because puppies are not well taken care of.

A story that ends well, therefore, but which reminds you of how much research goes into finding a good breeder. You must never rush any decisions.

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