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Cat struggles to find a home because she's what experts call an 'inbetweener'

black cat sniffing black and white calves cat-happy © RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre - Facebook

Some cats in shelters struggle to find homes because they’re not trusting of humans. Yet, they can make wonderful companions, as long as you don’t push the relationship too much.

By Justine Seraphin

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Daisy the black cat is what’s known at the RSPCA as an “inbetweener” cat. This means while she does need people to look after her (as all animals do!), she doesn’t really like people, which can make living with them difficult.

In fact, Daisy was adopted twice and returned to the shelter twice – because she wasn’t comfortable being in such close proximity to humans.

Inbetweener cat finds home on a farm

But just a few weeks ago, Daisy was adopted by the perfect home who knew exactly what she needed: Space. 

Daisy’s new family own a farm and allow Daisy to roam it freely. While they do provide for her medical needs, feed her, and ensure she has adequate shelter, they don’t force any kind of relationship onto her. In fact, Daisy spends most of her time in the barn, where she’s made some very special friends.

Cat and calves are best friends

Last week, Daisy met the calves, and according to her new pawrents, she is now best friends with them! 

We are so glad you found your forever home Daisy, and hope that many more inbetweeners like you will find theirs too!

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