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Watch: Owner stunned when he sees how his cat reacts to an optical illusion mat

cat approaching optical illusion mat cat-wow © Hosico Cat - YouTube

We know animals don’t see the world the same way we do. But there are certainly some things that we see in the same way, right? Take optical illusions, for example...

By Justine Seraphin

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A cat owner recently wanted to find out whether cats could see optical illusions.

To explore the question, he decided to purchase an optical illusion mat and place it on the floor. 

Cat bamboozled by optical illusion

The black and white design on the mat makes it look as though there is a sinkhole on the ground! To us, it looks pretty terrifying. Now, what does the cat think?

The owner films his cat, Hosico, approaching the “sinkhole”. At first, it seems as though Hosico sees the same thing we do…instead of walking right across the mat, he instead lies down tentatively on the side of it, never getting too close to the “hole”.

Can’t be fooled

However, after a few minutes, it seems as if Hosico realises that the “hole” is actually solid ground, so he proceeds to lay across it and get himself comfortable. 

This video really can’t answer the question of whether cats can indeed see optical illusions – but it certainly shows that there’s a possibility they do!  

Why don’t you try it with your cat and see what their reaction is?

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