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Lioness rejected her cubs: What this female German Shepherd did will leave you speechless (video)

German Shepherd with cub lion dog-wow

In a Russian zoo, to everyone's surprise, a female German Shepherd took over from a lioness who rejected her cubs. Here is the incredible story of Sandra.

By Emilie Heyl

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In Vladivostok, Russia, keepers of White Lion Park were really worried that the newly born litter of cubs would not survive. Without the intervention of Sandra, a German Shepherd dog, they would no longer be of this world.

The lioness rejected her cubs

Sirona, a lioness became a mum for the very first time. Park keepers describe her as "a very introverted, reserved and secretive animal". Instead of gaining weight after birth, her cubs were emaciated and dehydrated. Healers quickly realised that their survival was at stake.

According to the director of the park, the behaviour of the lioness is not normal. As a mother, she should feed her children and protect them from all dangers.

In order to prevent the two lion cubs - a male and a female - from starving to death, the park keepers decided to entrust them to Sandra, who had also recently given birth to a puppy.

The lion cubs quickly regained weight

Sandra accepted the two cubs into her litter with open arms. According to the park manager, the cubs drank their adopted mother's milk carefully, while Sandra's puppy on the other hand had all the milk they needed. It must be said that Sandra had already fed a litter of 8 puppies in the past!

The bitch played a crucial role in the survival of the cubs. The lioness continued to lose interest in her cubs.
Dog's milk is a suitable substitute for lioness breast milk, according to park keepers, as it contains all of the nutrients necessary for the pups to grow well.

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